Nordic Interior with Simple Furniture

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Nordic interior is getting famous day by day. If you are like with black and white for your interior design, it can be said that you like Nordic interior for your design. Nordic interior is identical with black and white color and the interior is simple and showing shabby chic in details. If you still get confused with Nordic style, you may check out this Stockholm apartment which has black and white details. This apartment is simple with black and white color which dominated the room.

Nordic style is considered as timeless style because the design and colors used to create this style is long lasting. White can make your room looks bigger and cleaner. You can choose simple accessories with black color, such as rugs, shelf, sofa and others. A Nordic style is stylish and chic. You can add wooden elements in your Nordic style to give dramatic and stylish look in your room. You may add some silver furniture too to give dramatic and modern art into your Nordic interior style. The selection of simple furniture and details in your Nordic style will add the elegance and stylish looks for your Nordic interior design. Some fresh white flowers can beautify your Nordic interior style.

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