Modern Furniture and Brilliant Shelf System

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Modern furniture is always inviting and interesting to get considered. You can check trough the internet to get new update information about many variants of new furniture products which will blow your mind. Nowadays, people get crazy about shelf system which offers many choices and selection with its unique designs and shapes. Some people get curious about shelf system which getting attractive with unique designs and constructions. Uniqueness also represents by this cute shelf system by Natascha Harra- Frischkom. Natascha designs unique shelf system which is made from six pieces of timbers.

These timbers are strong and sturdy but yet it is flexible. It is a kind of wood that can be shaped as you like. You can change the design according to your needs. This timbers size four-millimeter and really flexible. You can arrange and manage your books and picture frames in this cute shelf. Natascha named her design with Chuck. You will get amazed with this cute and brilliant shelf system design. You will love with the design which is flexible and beautiful. It is a simple yet brilliant design. It will be nice furniture when you put it in your wall. It can be said that Chuck is a simple and modern furniture product for any house.

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