Melbourne Historic House with Mixing Designs

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You will get surprised with this historic house in Melbourne which is designed with concrete and wood. This great historic house is designed by Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture. This historic house is built in Melbourne, Australia. There is interesting scenery offered by this historic house, you can see red bricks for the outer layer of the building but when you step up your feet in this house, you will see contract scenery on it. The outer building was designed with old and classic style which can remain people with ancient house in the past.

As you can see there is beautiful scenery offers by this house, the contrast view between the exterior designs with the interior design. You will get amazing with the interior design when you get know the details of the interior design. The interior designs are filled with many modern elements and colors that make the house liven up. The living room is amazing with great design with appropriate selection of color and home accessories. When you walk up to go to the kitchen, you will see huge glass of window which makes the kitchen bright and stylish. By having glass window, it will allow the sunlight going through to the kitchen and make the kitchen sparkling.

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